Covenant Technologies is the Software Engineering Division of Covenant Electric, Inc.  We provide programming and Internet solutions for organizations of all types and sizes.

Working together, we transform your data and systems requirements into innovative IT solutions that pave the way for reaching greater levels of profitability, and competitiveness.

With more than 30 years of experience in business systems analysis, design, construction and maintenance, we continue to deliver information system solutions for businesses here in the United States and in Europe.  Our expertise has empowered us to identify and provide business solutions with existing and new, emerging technologies.

Our client base includes a wide variety of organization types.  From banking to commercial establishments, from manufacturing to governments, our project deliverables ensure that you are positioned for ease-of-transition to the next technologically advanced stage.

Whether your platform is on the Desktop, a large Server, a Mainframe, or any combination of all three, we will provide 100% of the support you need to keep vital information flowing throughout your organization, in a timely manner.


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